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Clean Energy Financing

On-bill financing (OBF) is a mechanism enabling utilities to provide members and customers loans for efficiency upgrades that the borrower repays as part of their monthly electricity bill. OBF programs are catching on with utilities around the country because of the numerous benefits they offer.

OBF programs enable utilities to reach customers that would not normally make the investment required to participate in rebate programs. Often, OBF programs finance larger ticket items like heat pumps, whole house upgrades, or solar systems that can dramatically reduce energy bills and improve comfort levels.  OBF programs are a way to bring in outside capital to benefit customers and members—and even the regional economy.  The programs create jobs for contractors and energy auditors as retrofits are completed and free up discretionary income as loans are paid off, providing even more economic benefit.

It’s possible for a scaled up, administratively efficient OBF program to become financially self-sustaining, with all administrative costs covered by fees or interest rate markups paid for by the program participants.  For this reason, OBF programs can be more attractive long-term options than traditional rebate programs.

Collaborative Efficiency can offer support services at any stage of your on-bill financing program: