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Pat Keegan Presents Beneficial Electrification at Midwest Residential Energy Conference

Pat Keegan will present on “Beneficial Electrification Opportunities for Utilities and Contractors” at the Midwesnt Residential Energy Conference on Tuesday, March 7th at 11am. Come by and meet with Pat to learn how Beneficial Electrification may bring savings to your co-op and your members. It all starts with a low-cost assessment.


Beneficial electrification incentivizes utilities to scale up energy efficiency efforts because it can produce energy savings and environmental benefits without reducing the electricity sales that create financial pressure on the utility.  Beneficial electrification can increase electricity sales, which is an incentive for utilities to scale up programs and increase the size of residential retrofit projects.  The presenter will describe recent assessments of beneficial electrification potential for three electric cooperatives.


You will learn:

  1. How to explain Beneficial Electrification
  2. What factors determine the Beneficial Electrification potential in your community
  3. What the magnitude of Beneficial Electrification potential could be